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Company Profile

Corporate Information:

Our business Model

MSD global business portfolio is of 2 division 1) Oleochemicals 2) speciality fats and edible oil.



It includes complete range of Distilled Fatty acids, Fractionated fatty acids, Glycerine, soap noodles, RBD vegetable oils, split fatty acids, ester, Glycerinmonostearte&monooleate;, fatty alcohols, palm wax, Fractionated methyl ester , hydrogenated products and various grades of Amides and Betaines.


Speciality fats and edible oil:

Confectionary fats, Ice cream fats, dairy fats substitutes, Bakery fats, Frying fats, edible RBD palm olein of various grade. Our associate partners are leading manufacturing plants based in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. All our manufacturers are certified with occupational safety and Health (OSHA), Good manufacturing practices (GMP), Kosher and Halal certified (RSPO).

Our business strategy is founded on an integrated business model which encompasses the entire chain of manufacturing as well as handling logistics with help of inbuilt logistics and operations support team which handles ocean freights directly.

Our business model enjoys lower cost due to large volume, economies of scale, logistical advantages and superior market research intelligence.

This fully integrated system serves to deliver efficiency gains in fulfilling the commitment to our manufacturers and customers.

We strive to be a trustworthy company to all our stakeholders with social responsibility and environmental care. We persistently cultivate highly proficient workforce with profound engagement and commitment to professional excellence.

About Us:

vision-mission MSD Global is oleochemical trading company that is committed to deliver excellence in the global market place.

MSD Global realised the opportunity provided by the abundant supply of palm oil and palm kernel oil in Malaysia and Indonesia and a preference for vegetable based oleochemical in many industries for which we established our trading company catering to various fatty acids, soap noodles and glycerine.

Palm based fatty acids, soap noodles and glycerine is now widely accepted in the world markets. Today we are successful in offering high quality fatty acids, soap noodles and glycerine to USA, Europe, African countries, middleast and other countries.

We are tied up with key sourcing and supply markets (Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand) which manufacture a wide range of high quality sustainable oleochemical produced from vegetable origin feedstock. Our product portfolio ranges from basic fatty acids & glycerine, fatty alcohols & fatty esters. Our products are used in diverse end use application.

Environment friendly, sustainable development and green chemicals….. These are the emerging emphasis of today’s society.

MSD Global has done significant growth. This was possible through sound management of our company at all levels, trusted business relationship with our manufacturers and more importantly our capacity, capability in doing volume business and offering quality material to our customers. Backed by a firm belief in innovation and strong market research we are focusing on new downstream business.

Our pillars of our success are:

Reliable Services

vision-mission Consistent delivery of quality products. Efficient global distribution and network supply through inbuilt logistics and operations team, Comprehensive customer and product support. We have a wide distribution and logistics network. Logistics in terms of our distribution capabilities we have inbuilt logistics and operations team which can handle container movement of large tonnages. Also we are tied up with largest and leading global logistics companies which helps us to move material seamlessly across globe.


vision-mission Quality assurance is always a high priority for our business and we pride ourselves that we are tied up with leading manufacturers who meet the stringent QC standards. Each of the production facilities are regularly audited and have the latest standard operating procedure in place. MSD global provides unique understanding of oleochemicals and speciality fats. By combining knowledge with our manufacturer modern systems and best technologies we achieve unprecedented control over our production. Our manufacturer does extensive testing of incoming feedstock, computerised process modelling, state of the art production equipment and conscientious employee all contribute to quality advantage. Our Leading customers around the world recognize our best in class quality systems.


vision-mission We strive for excellence. At the heart of our operations we have manufacturers who are highly automated, ISO and GMP certified, has state of the art manufacturing facility engineered with attention to design and functionality. We never leave anything to chance and carefully manage the entire process of production, packing and logistics arrangement to ensure quality and global supply continuity. Our manufacturers have state of the art development laboratories which provide custom formulations, product development and testing services. Our manufacturers are equipped to produce cutting edge products or improving its existing product properties. Innovation is at the core of everything that we do.

Market research and analysis

vision-mission Our Market research department and broad customer base give us a unique real-time understanding of industrial trends. Successful marketing strategy starts with an understanding of the markets they serve and customers they represent. MSD Global has a global perspective and we keep tab on day to day palm oil pricing and its market trends. We back up our observations with opinions of industry experts to form a complete picture of competitive pricing and product offering

Product Positioning

vision-mission We understand product life cycles and its relationship with customer’s requirement. Working from an extensive range of oleochemicals, we can tailor make product attributes according to customer preference.

Analytical labs

vision-mission MSD global manufacturers maintain testing methods and records according to GMP/FDA regulations. On-going tests of oleochemicals include moisture, Free Fatty acid/ Free Alkaline, Salt determination and testing for active ingredients.

Testing methods:

Liquid chromatographs:
Determine the fatty acid distribution.
UV visible spectrometer:
Determine the colour quality of vegetable fatty acids to help control the soap base color.
Karl fisher auto titrators:
Determine the per cent water in raw material and soap bases. Other testing methods include Ph determination, acid base titrations, specific gravity and lovibond color.